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Love Spell is a brand new outdoor music venue located in Amas Veritas. Designed with versatility in mind, Love Spell will accommodate both Live Music and DJ entertainers.


The open stage, large dance floor, and elegant dining area make a perfect setting for private parties, birthdays, and wedding receptions.


At the same time, the adjoining bar is a great place to hang with friends and socialize. Those wanting a more personal experience may use the many intimate sitting areas throughout the property furnished with cuddle blankets, chairs, and swings to enjoy the shows. 


In addition, we have not forgotten those with families; Children's avatars are welcome. There are areas available to those who would like to listen to music with their children and an ice skating rink for everyone to enjoy.  


While the Love Spell parcel is considered PG, the rest of the region is adult-rated. For this reason, we ask children to stay within the Love Spell parcel parameters and all visitors to adhere to Linden Lab policies regarding child avatars.  

For more information about Love Spell, please contact:

Valana Spencer (valana.spencer)

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