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NEF Live is a Live Music Venue designed for encouraging new or returning artists to Second Life.


 Based on personal experience of how hard it can be to get bookings to perform, NEF Live will help you to build your fan base and get experience in performing in Second Life.  


With a variety of stages to perform at, and hosts to help during your set, along with a variety of areas in which we can advertise your set, we are confident in due course you'll start getting regular fans.

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Images from around the venue ..........

NEF Dining.png
NEF Beach Huts.png
NEF View.png
NEF Pond.png
NEF Light in the sky.png
NEF Pond view.png
NEF Ice Cream.png
NEF Ice Cream rest.png
NEF Game time.png
NEF Beachside seating.png
NEF Games.png
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