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Sinful Retreat is a land where worlds and times collide. A virtual playground where artists are welcomed with open arms to show their works, we strive to make a cohesive environment out of the many styles and personalities of the artists who display their work here.

Second Life needs a little more life, a little more art, and we hope we can bring that to the residents of SL. We invite all residents of Second Life to come and visit us. Moreover, if you are an artist, or performer who would like to exhibit or do a show on our sim, we invite you to contact us.

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Angels Rest Arts Collective

Our sister sim, this sim is a vibrant lighter place, a mirror to Sinful Retreat, with larger 3D installations and a heavier focus on performances, live music and concerts. 

The Janus Galleries

Curated by Chuck Clip and Jewell, these galleries are named for the Roman god of new beginnings, transitions, doorways and time. We hope to usher in a new era of art in Second Life while keeping an eye on the roots we came from.

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