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Polmac Harper

Anyone who travels to SL as a music fan or artist will certainly know Polmac Harper. The discreet man with the red scarf, who always stands inconspicuously in the background. I couldn't have asked for a better interviewee for my first time and was very happy when he agreed.

Polmac Harper.jpg

Hello Polmac, I see you so often at live music shows. What connects you to the music scene here in SL?

Greetings Lady Talia and everyone who will read this
And why am I at concerts?
The reason is very simple - this is also the reason why my comedian was born here. Comedian = thats how I calling my avatar ,  and live music,concerts,music in general was reason why I created my account here = my avatar was born in SL )

You have such an interesting look that you always stay true to and really stand out from the crowd in SL. How does this happen?

 About looks - everything on my avatar is from the first freebie store I found when I first logged in - and since I'm not an actor or pretender, why should my avatar be different from me?

And that he always stands in a corner away from the crowd?

The first reason is that when I had an old laptop, if I was among people in a crowd - I either had no sound or I crashed
Now that technology is better, I stand at a distance because I came to the concert to listen to music and not to listen to what people are saying in local (unfortunately, in many places now local extending is 100 meters, so it's simply inevitable

Is there an SL life besides being a music fan and what brought you to SL?

ehhhh what brought me to SL?
the story is a bit longer and goes back to Christmas 2007
As a gift, I bought wireless Sony headphones for a friend (at that time they were really expensive) and he gave me a CD
I came home, put the CD in the computer and saw that there were 4 MB of something on the disc. I immediately called him and said F+ you, I gave you a gift and had to take out a loan and all you give is me 4 MB and I don't even know what it is
He asked me - did you install it?
I said NO -  install it yourself
the next day he came to me and installed that program (it's REAPER software, which was the only way to play online with people from all over the world on Realninj at that time)
so that's how I started playing with all these people from all continents and every now and then people used LOL-BRB-BBL-SL ...
one day I asked a friend from Canada to explain to me what it all means - and he started - and thus explained what the famous SL is
Not long after that, the guys started talking about how they have a concert in SL every Saturday
I remember that they invited me to play together - I resisted for a long time, but one day I agreed
I logged into SL and nothing was clear to me.
A friend helped me a little (he taught me how to walk, run and even fly), and then he showed me a big shopping center where everything was free and there I dressed my Pol and more or less everything started like that
By the way, I played with that friend from Canada in SL at the Jades jazz club
But not for long because I didn't like others telling me what, when, where,... to play and I never cared about lindens anyway
And what can I say other than - freedom is one

Can you explain in one sentence what music means to you?

 Regardless of the bad or good days that each of us has in our lives - music has always been,it is and always will be present somewhere for us

How do you decide which concert to go to? Do you have particular favorite musicians stages or genres?

Better not to mention names
In short - I prefer lighter music and good instrumentalists or singers no matter of gender

If you had 3 wishes related to the music scene in SL, what would you have?

BUT why three?
Here's to me, let one come true and I'll be happy
And that is that I can see and hear my interlocutor on stage with a microphone in hand

-----you all must be wondering this:
He talks all the time about how he is a musician, but not what he plays, so let's solve that mystery
I play jazzy chromatic harmonica (something like Stevie Wonder) and sometimes blues harp 
And my favorite "style" for to play is jamm session
Love you all and thanks for surviving my strangulation

and for the end little bit  something from me about this madness arround us:

           CHEERS FOLKS

Mr Polmac Harper  or for friends know and like Mario

Thank you very much for the time and thank you for telling us a little about the mystery of Polmac Harper. See you in front of stage.

Taila Saenz

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