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Our first FanZone interview is with the lady herself - the amazing Taila Saenz!!!


1.  Could you give me a little of your background ?  And how you got involved in this crazy world of Second Life. ?


I read a report about Second Life in 2007 and it made me very curious, especially the statement that you could own your own island there and there were no limits to your creativity. I had never had anything to do with virtual worlds and knew nothing about them. All the more enchanted and in love I was right from the first day in this world.  SL kept his word and after some time I was with my then partner, island owner and builder with my own shop. We were a good team, in love and addicted to construction, I spent almost the entire time working for our shop and the rentals. In 2012, however, real life caught up with me and I left SL. Due to Covid to come back in 2021, after a 9-year break. 


2.   How did you get involved in the SL live music scene ?  Do you remember your first concert ?

In 2007 I met Wildstar Writer a musician from Sweden, who unfortunately passed away some years ago, and through him I only learned that there is a live music scene in SL. So was my first concert that I can remember, that of Wildstar, whom I even built his own small venue on our land at that time and I remember this time very fondly. At that time I also attended concerts of Jukebox Diesel, Rara Destiny and Bara Jonson but I was not as in the scene as I have been since my return in 2021. After I had to give up my plan to revive my shop, because now the market only demands mesh, I spent my time exclusively on venues and realized very quickly that the people who had to do with music whether musicians, owners, staff and of course the visitors themselves were very relaxed and incredibly friendly. I felt very comfortable in this community of music enthusiasts. One day I met you Michael at Café Musique and the rest is history lol. Through you and my work for Toggle for Music, a whole new world has opened up for me, I got to know wonderful people and on my travels to different venues and concerts I have been able to make sensational musical and human experiences, I am very happy and very grateful to you. 


3.  Do you have any favourite venues ?  What makes them special ?


I have some venues that are very close to my heart, because I had beautiful experiences there and I always feel at home, because they are run by friends of mine and wonderful people work there. These are Blues Cove, Sapphire Beach Club, Lavender Field, Terry's Place and The Night Owl. But there are so many other places where great work is done, artists are given the opportunity to realize their dream of the stage, young talents are promoted and you can spend a wonderful time as a guest. There are too many to name them all, so I limit myself to the places I also like to visit often: Café Musique, Swamp Water Bluz, Lakeside Pavilion, Spirit of the Outback, Colour of Whisper, The Woolshed, Scarlet's, Sheworthy Pub, Gonja Land and Surfside Hideway. Of course, this is only a small selection that also has to do with my time zone SLT+9, because I can not enjoy the many others. But I hope to get to know a lot more. 


4.  Do you have a preferred music genre ?


Music is my constant companion, just as my current mood or situation is and changes, so different music styles can pick me up by cheering me up, comforting me, making me dream, animating me to sing along or dancing or simply giving me strength. Everything in its own time. Nevertheless, I have to say that rock, pop and Latin have influenced me a lot and are closest to me. What you don't come into contact with in Germany and I got to know and love better through SL is blues and country.  


5.  Could you tell our readers which performers are your current favourites ?


Of course, I have my current and eternal favorites, which I have long since taken to my heart. Those who are in my heart know it and who reads my blogs in Toggle for Music can experience it. These include artists with extraordinary voices, others with their power and passion, others who are able to convey deep feelings and wonderful songwriters or others who enjoy making music so much and this joy is contagious. I have great respect for everyone who stands on stage and is honest, whether big or small talent, if he is able to put true feelings into the music, I am already thrilled. The best voices can't enchant me if I don't feel the feeling.  


6.  Are there any music events that stand out in your memory ?


These are undoubtedly charity events and TAO in particular. Winter, the well-known musician and one of my best friends in SL, manages to get a total of 30 artists on stage with his team over 3 days, who donate their time and talent to help children in need. There is so much love and work in it that you can not pay with money. 

Another very important charity close to my heart is Camping for a Cure, whose captain is Jenny Anatine. A very strong lady with a big heart and irrepressible will to help women with breast cancer and defeat this terrible disease in the future. 

Last but not least, Feed a Smile, which Brique Topaz has launched and whose goal is to ensure children from a slum in Kenya their daily meal and education. She tirelessly manages to raise funds for her children all over SL and especially on Lavender Field.  

It is unbelievable how many people in SL are willing to sacrifice their free time for others and how much charity there is here. I can't tell you how much respect I have for these people. 

Anyone who would like to spend his free time meaningfully and with nice people, who does not really know what to do here or feels lonely, I can only recommend to join a project like this. Helping makes you happy and is better than complaining!  


7.  Finally - how do you feel about the SL live music scene in general - is it thriving or becoming stale ?


Music can never get boring. I always see new and great talents on stage. At some concerts I couldn't believe what I was hearing and that always makes it exciting to give new artists a chance. In addition to the young ones, there are also the "old" ones, who have been a fixed institution in the SL music scene for many years and these professionals never disappoint, because after so many years you have to love what you do and you just feel it. 

I think as long as talents are promoted, venues are supported to make music take place in SL and everyone treats each other fairly, everyone is helped. The black sheep, envious and egoists who of course also exist here, sooner or later abolish themselves. Musically, I look forward to rosy times here.  

Thank You Taila!

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