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Offering a helping hand in your virtual journey

Toggle For Music was founded in February 2021 with the sole ambition of promoting the live music industry in Second Life.  From modest beginnings it has become one of the biggest and most respected sources of live performer information on the grid, having thousands of readers and scores of venues taking part.  

During our journey, as we talked to hundreds of the amazing performers and venue owners who have made all this possible, we have recognized  there is little or no formal way for new and potential live performers to become established.  Clearly it's possible, and lots of SL performers have told us how they managed to do it, but how many others have been put off by the difficulty of getting "the first foot on the ladder"?

The TFM Academy is an extension to the work we already do.  At TFM Academy we concentrate on the performers themselves - how we can help new and unrecognised artists blossom into the stars of tomorrow.

New Live Music venues continue to open and there is a big demand for new performers to appear at those venues.

The challenge is that everywhere wants experienced people, so how can a newcomer break into that exciting and very lucrative profession?  Moreover, how does an experienced RL entertainer transfer those skills to the Second Life environment?

At TFM Academy we provide the comprehensive training and guidance needed to enter the world of Second Life entertainment as a live performer.

We provide all the help needed to establish and perfect your virtual career, calling upon our network of friends and associates in Second Life, so you quickly find the opportunity you are looking for.

Finally, we will keep in touch, and if you need any further help or advice, or maybe you just want to share your experiences with us as your career progresses, we will always be there for you.

Waiting for you?

TFM Academy is a non-profit organization.  We charge no fees

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