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Your first step towards your chosen career will be an informal interview with our Manager / Mentor.


Together, we will decide whether a TFM Academy course is right for you.  We will answer any questions you may have, and if we feel we can help you, we will put together a training schedule for you.


Next you will be assigned to your personal tutor who will work with you on a 1 to 1 basis throughout your time at the academy. 

Please note that all our students must have a solid working knowledge of the English language, and access to the Windows operating system. 

The Course is fairly informal and primarily composed of coaching and mentoring.  Performers will be allocated their own mentor, who will guide them throughout, calling on specialist resource whenever needed.

The level of training given will depend on the individual, and will include all of the following:

-Basic Concepts
-Equipment / Technology

-How to get noticed in SL
-Success and Pitfalls

Finally, when you are ready we can introduce you to some of our partner venues, possibly showcasing you in our TFM Directory.

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